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September 14 & 15, 2024

The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo is BACK!

The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo, in combination with the Fall Canadian Pet Expo, and the Canadian Aquatic Expo, and the original one-of-a-kind Plant Expo, are all high energy, interactive, pet and family friendly events. Grab your friends and family and get ready to immerse yourself in the rapidly growing Canadian reptile community. Meet social media influencers and content creators, participate in interactive activities and pick the brains of leading Canadian and International herpetologists. Did we mention shopping? Visit with leading reptile speciality pet breeders and shop all the supplies and gear needed for your pet. The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo is proud to feature only 100% domestically bred pet reptile pets, and the CPE family will be presenting its responsible pet companionship message to all pet families and pets attending through out the weekend. With our diversity in exhibitors and dedicated team of sponsors, we will continue to share the message that every pet is a companion for life and to share each day with them as you would with every family member.

We look forward to sharing our pet families with yours during this unforgettable weekend!

Plan Your Day at the CRBE


International Centre

6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON

Event Hours

Saturday, September 14th:10AM to 6PM

Sunday, September 15th:

10AM to 4PM


On-site parking is available for FREE!

Ultimate Reptile Event!

The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo along with sister events (CPE, Aquatic Expo, and Plant Expo) is an absolute pet friendly family event. Whether your family member is a furry, feathery, or scaley friend, we can’t wait to meet them! We understand that not all pets are socialized in a large community setting, and may have special requirements, so please be your pets’ best advocate and make sure they are comfortable attending.

All pets must be on non-retractable leashes, birds and lizards (under 2m) must be harnessed and tethered. Smaller terrarium pets and all legal snake species must be safely contained. Snakes are not permitted to be worn on neck/shoulders and must be contained at all times.

Bringing your Pet to the Expo?

Please download, complete, and print the pet waiver prior to the event.
Our canine and feline friends must be leashed on a non-retractable lead, with a maximum length of 48”. Small mammals, birds and lizards (under 2m) must be tethered in a secure harness/tether system, while all other reptiles must be in appropriate travel containers. Snakes are not permitted to be worn around the neck & shoulders or to be outside their container. We want all pets to be safe and secure.

Show Features

CRBE Marketplace

Explore and wondrous world of scales and diversity at the CRBE Marketplace, boasting an extraordinary array of over 150 vendors from across Canada. From captive-bred species to intricate terrarium setups and specialized supplies, this is a haven for reptile hobbyists and curious minds alike. Plunge into the unique experience where vendors come together to celebrate the captivating world of herpetology, while sharing their knowledge about the wonders of this incredible hobby!

The Plant Expo

Step into a botanical wonderland at the original two-day Plant Expo, where every conceivable variety of plant takes center stage. From lush tropical foliage to delicate succulents, this event is a haven for plant enthusiasts and green thumbs alike. Immerse yourself in a colourful paradise, where vendors and experts converge to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the plant kingdom.

Canadian Aquatic Expo

Dive into the aquatic realm at the Canadian Aquatic Expo – Canada’s premier aquatic expo. Bringing enthusiasts and professionals alike, this event brings together an immersive experience encapsulating a stunning array of marine life, aquatic technology and products, and breathtaking aquarium setups from across the province. Whether you’re an avid aquarist or an aquascaping loving hobbyist or simply captivated by the beauty of water worlds, this expo is your gateway to a mesmerizing aquatic adventure!

Special Guests & Influencers

Discover CRBE celebrities and social media influencers, where connections flourish and shared passions come to life. Join fellow enthusiasts, interact with vendors, and learn from experts in an engaging space designed for meaningful interactions. Don’t miss the chance to meet some awesome content creators will be attending, offering insights, advice, and personal experiences!

The Fall Canadian Pet Expo

Enter a world of pet lovers at the Fall Canadian Pet Expo – the biggest pet expo in Canada! With an incredible selection of exhibitors from across the country, and activities for the whole family, this is the place for pet lovers of all kinds. From meeting adorable animals to shopping for unique pet products and services, the Fall CPE promises an unforgettable celebration of the bond between humans and their beloved companions!

Marketplace: The Exhibitors

View Canada’s largest gathering of Reptile Specialty Pet Exhibitors. With over 150 vendors offering everything reptile for your scaley friends such as equipment & gear from leading manufacturers, domestically bred pets, feeders and more, you’re bound to find something to properly spoil your family pet!


Children 6 and Under FREE!

Tickets will be available at the gate.

Adults $22, Youth/Senior $15.00

E-Ticket holders will be given priority admission at the time of entry. Please arrive with your printed ticket/ticket bar code loaded on your mobile device and if you are coming with a family pet, please have your hard copy of the completed pet waiver accompanying your arrival.

VIP Ticket holder entry begins at 9:00 am. The VIP $250 Draw will take place at 9:45 am.

Ticket holders acknowledge and consent that your likeness may be captured in photo or video materials and published by media and/or the Canadian Pet Expo Photographs and video may be used in all forms of communication, including but not limited to publicity, broadcast, newspaper, and digital properties without compensation to ticket holders.

All tickets purchased online are non-refundable.

HST# 84241 2397 RT0001



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