Canada’s largest reptile and exotic specific event.

Over 150 booths over 70,000 square feet, more reptiles under one roof for a weekend than any other event in Canada. Breeders from across Canada, USA and overseas on site promoting captive breeding of reptiles, amphibians and related exotics. Capped off with the manufacturers supporting the herp industry and enthusiasts offering show specials, exclusive products and product launches.

The CRBE promotes responsible pet ownership through workshops, guest presentations and most importantly bringing together the enthusiasts with the pioneers of the hobby. 

The 2017 CRBE is proud to present its guest list of speakers and presenters.

Ty Park

North Americas lizard god

Ty Park is North Americas lizard god, specializing in the captive breeding of Iguanas, Tegus and director of the Iguana fest. An inspiration to so many worldwide.

Dav Kaufman

Producer and Content Creator | Reptile Channel of Herpers TV.

Dav’s worldly travels have produced some exceptional footage of herps and people in the herp world.

Chris Gillette

Chris is returning to the CRBE with some of his greatest footage. Chris’s first appearance last year was just a small taste of what he is presenting this coming year. For those that wish to experience herping on the edge, you will not want to miss Chris Gillette.