The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo

celebrating the world of reptiles!

It is Canada’s gathering of the world of reptiles, vendors, breeders, manufacturers of supplies, specialists, herpetoculturists from around the world converge to see the rarest captive bred reptiles presented in Canada.

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Be sure to bring your pets to the CPE! Every event is really all about the pets with the CPE. Whether your pet family member crawls, slithers, hops, walks or swims in a portable bowl bring them along to enjoy the festivities. Just remember to bring a signed waiver with you.


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Canada’s Prestigious Dog Show is Back!

The CPE Classic is an official Canadian Kennel Club supported Dog Show hosted by the Oakville District Kennel Club and the CPE. With 5 Limited Breed Shows, 9 Specialties Breed Groups and 25 Breed Boosters there is no other pet show that showcases so many purebred family dogs

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Canada's Largest Indoor Pet Festival

Promoting responsible pet ownership with pet family events and over 175 vendor booths. Exciting intereactive events, dedicated pet sport areas and more family pets then one ould imagine.


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We look forward to seeing you on  Sept 9th & 10th 2017

The Canadian Reptile Breeders and Exotic Pet Expo is exactly that! A  convention and conumer event promoting the captive propogation of reptiles and exotics to the pet family homes across Canada. 

Vendors from across the USA, Canada and overseas venture to the Canadian capital of herps for this weekend of events, presentations, marketplace and most importantly coming together to share the knowledge along with passion of working with reptiles.

Guest presentations from industry leaders such as Justin Kobylka on Ball Pythons, Dav Kaufman director of herp films, Ty Park the godfather of tegus, Chris Gillette world recognised for his photography and geographic herp related travels to mention just a few guests.

This years CRBE marketplace is the largest gathering of reptile vendors in Canada. Over 125 consumer vendor booths from manufacturers to distributors to private breeders all ofering for sale products, services and the greatest sleection of captive bred reptiles from around the world.

While your at the CRBE be sure to check out all of the THREE major pet events this fall: The Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo, The Canadian Pet Expo and the CPE Classic, Canada’s most prestigious dog conformation show! All of these events are included in your admission price.